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This is the Advanced - Course. It will help you learn the core technical concepts and configurations.


Advanced - Course Overview

Do you want to know more technical stuff about Exoscale and are not sure where to begin? Then, this Level 200 Advanced - Course is where to get this Exoscale knowledge. It will help you learn the core technical concepts, dive into networking components and configuration, and a few critical cloud topics.


You learn about the technology Basic Concepts, the necessary Networking themes and Advanced Topics like databases, container and security.


Starter - Course (recommended)


A time investment of approx. 2 days is needed to cover all the material.


Understand and apply technical concepts by leveraging Exoscale products to build and run modern application and cloud-native workloads.


This course should prepare you for the exam and to get certified on Exoscale Advanced topics.

Learning Aids

Before taking the Advanced - Exam, we recommend studying the following materials, linked below:

  1. Product Pages
  2. Community Pages
  3. Info Pages