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This level 200 SKS Starter - Course covers the entry topics of (managed) Kubernetes for a technical audience.


SKS Starter - Course Overview

Do you want to use Kubernetes for your infrastructure? This level 200 SKS Starter - Course covers the starter topics of (managed) Kubernetes for a technical audience and conveys the benefits of containers and container orchestration for modern IT scenarios. It will help you learn how to begin with this new technology, use the terminology associated, understand the components and functions, and why these new technologies are so important.


You learn about the Scaleable Kubernetes Service (SKS) concepts, the essential functions, and the application in modern IT scenarios.


Starter - Course and Advanced - Course (recommended)


A time investment of approx. 1 day is needed to cover all the course material.


Explain and position container concepts, identify use cases, and argue the pros and cons for such scenarios.


This course should prepare you for the exam and to get certified on Exoscale SKS Starter topics.

Learning Aids

Before taking the SKS Starter - Exam, we recommend studying the following materials, linked below:

  1. Product Pages
  2. Community Pages
  3. Info Pages