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INTRO Storage - Course

This is an introduction to Exoscale's storage topics.


INTRO Storage - Course

If you're seeking an entry-level understanding of Exoscale's storage solutions, our Level 100 course is an ideal starting point for non-technical individuals. This course lays the foundation for all the pertinent general and cloud storage topics. You'll dive into the advantages and considerations regarding data storage, including performance, scalability, and integrity. We'll cover essential concepts and terminology to understand storage types and capabilities and explain why efficient and secure storage is crucial in modern IT infrastructures.


We are learning about storage definitions, concepts, and implementations. Furthermore, we look into different storage types, the benefits of storage tiers, and the necessity of data retention (storage duration). More facts on cloud storage types, such as file, object, and block storage, will be explained and structured by details, benefits, and use cases. Object vs. Block storage considerations conclude the course.




A time investment of approx. 1 day is needed to cover all the course material.


Explain and position storage concepts, identify use cases, and argue the pros and cons for such scenarios and their application in IT scenarios.


Intro Courses help you to embrace Exoscale-related topics; hence there are no certification exams for them.